Western Carolina University vs. Western

August 12, 2009

A reminder from the branding initiative about how to refer to WCU in print or on the web:

In formal pieces (invitations and commencement materials, for example) and in first reference in other publications for off-campus audiences, particularly those not familiar with the campus, use the campus’s complete name: Western Carolina University. This is our full, most formal name; it is used on all communications intended for national audiences.

Western Carolina: This is our less formal name, and it may be used to communicate internally and with external groups who are familiar with our university and its stature within the University of North Carolina system.

WCU: This is our most informal name; it is our preferred casual name.

Western should no longer be used alone, as it lacks specificity.

The WCU Style Manual is available at http://branding.wcu.edu. Please direct any questions about branding, logos, colors, etc. to the Publications/Creative Services Department at branding@wcu.edu or 828.227.2077.