Banner Images

October 2, 2009

UPDATE FALL 2010: Writing to share with you a clarification on banner images on our webpages.

Banner Images
(top of page, between About WCU line and black line)

  • Banners are optional.
  • You can have a single banner or a group of banners that change each time the page is loaded.
  • PHOTO BANNERS – Most banners are a collaged image of 3-4 pics without text, provided by Ashley Evans and Mark Haskett, our university photographers. Offices/departments may submit photos for possible inclusion in the collage, but that determination is made by Mark or Ashley. All Photo banners must be approved by Mark or Ashley before being added to a WCU webpage.
  • ALL BANNERS ARE NOW THIS STYLE: BANNERS WITH ADDITIONAL GRAPHICS – see this post University designers, headed by Rubae Schoen, have recently been designing a few customized banners. If you have need of something other than a photo collage, those banners must be created by or approved by Rubae.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas – please share with us!