Finding your web pages

October 28, 2009

The second most used web page at WCU (after the homepage, of course) is the search results page. Since May 1, this page has been seen 492,979 times. That’s a lot of searching!

Are people finding you with WCU’s own website search engine? Have you tried searching for your pages, using the WCU search box at the top of every page?

We can help improve the findability of your pages within the WCU search engine.

1) Best Bets – We add Best Bets for keywords. These Best Bets allow us to tag a page or multiple pages to a keyword, so that when that word is searched, the best results come up first. We determine these best bets from search logs of what people are actually searching for (a bunch of searches for the same thing shows us that a Best Bet would help). We also add Best Bets upon request. Think you know the keywords that your audience would use to find your page? Let us add them and direct your audience to you.

2) Removing old pages – Sometimes a search finds old pages that are still kicking around on the web server. We’ve spent a great deal of time trying to eliminate those old pages, but some have eluded us! If you search and see old pages, let us know. We can delete them, if appropriate, or block them.

Search, see what is already there, then contact me if your pages don’t come up – or if you get back results that surprise you!

Search away!