Best Bets

August 4, 2008

As a person responsible for your area’s web presence, have you tried searching for your pages, using the WCU search box at the top of every page?

For example, search for the word – catalog.  You’ll see that a “Best Bet” box comes up – highlighting the link to the WCU catalog.

We have created hundreds and hundreds of “Best Bets”. We’ve gone through department names, college names, office names, and the search engine logs to see what people are actually searching for.

Please try to search for your own area. Use the term or terms that you expect people to use when searching for you. Did you get a “Best Bet”?  If yes, congratulations! People are finding your page at the top of their search results.

If not, let’s get you that “Best Bet”.  Please send me your suggestions for terms and corresponding pages. We do not want to create a “Best Bet” for every faculty name or every concept in your area. This is a time consuming process. We do, however, want to get folks to your department, program, office, and the other resources they need.

Search first, see what is already there (more than 500 words and terms are tagged to webpages), then contact me if your word or term isn’t there.

Search away!