August 5, 2008

I know we’re all crazed this time of year, with students coming to campus, the summer winding down, and hot weather making it all even harder.

So I thought I’d throw a few RedDot reminders out there – things that are easy to forget in the haste of website edits.

1)       Spellcheck! You don’t want those typos out there in the Body Copy or Call Out.

2)       Don’t use the drop downs for font size and font family in the Body Copy or Call Out. Let the system set the font size. If you need to make something stand out, use Bold, Italics, or the H1-H6 headings.

3)       Storing images – please store images in either the Images-Faculty folder (headshots of faculty and staff) or the Images folder (everything else). Unless you’re adding a top banner or a bottom footer (which have specific size regulations) – please don’t put images into the other folders.

Any questions – give us a shout!