WCU.edu Images

June 11, 2012

As a campus web editor, you can add images to your webpages in RedDot for www.wcu.edu – banner images at the top of pages or images within the body copy or call out/related info boxes. These banners come from the folks in Creative Services, as do some of the specially designed images that are used in the rest of the pages.

In coordination with Creative Services, Web Services has streamlined the process for requesting banners and designed images to go on your pages: you now have a single point of contact for any designed image you need for the www.wcu.edu website.

How does the new process work?
Email ithelp@wcu.edu or complete a self-service request at http://help.wcu.edu. This will initiate a service request with the Web Services team. We’ll involve Creative Services to develop what you need, Creative Services will provide a proof of your image prior to installation on your web page, and we’ll be sure your images are installed on your pages.

Your email or self-service request should include the following:
• URL: The URL of the page on which you will be displaying the image
• Placement: Where the image should go on the page — banner, body copy, or callout/related info box?
• Imagery/Wording: What the banners or designed images should look like and/or say. For each item requested, please suggest specific images or image ideas you would like to feature as well as the complementary text.Creative Services can help look through images already with Photography or schedule a photo shoot, if needed. Banners require wording, which could consist of a single word or a short phrase. Banner Requirements (PDF)

Examples of the sorts of images you can request for your web pages:
• http://www.wcu.edu/4193.asp (banner)
• http://www.wcu.edu/43.asp (banner and buttons)
• http://www.wcu.edu/7846.asp (banner and buttons)