CMS Survey and RedDot Reminders

September 5, 2012

Thank you for completing the recent pre-assessment survey for WCU’s new content management system (CMS). Your information will assist the Task Force in developing requirements for the new system. We appreciate your time and your input.

Some survey comments prompted us to share a few tips and tricks with you. We know RedDot has its limitations and issues (jump links, tables, for example). The new system will not be on campus until spring 2013, so we have several months to go with RedDot. We want to help you use it to the fullest and with as much ease as possible.

1) Training Manual – The current version is available as a PDF at
2) RedDot on Macs – A Mac will be able to access RedDot, if that Mac is using VMware Fusion or Parallels to create a Windows environment.
3) Naming files – We recommend the following convention because it makes it very easy for you to search for and see all of your files: Use your college/dept./program name or acronym first; use explanatory words for the rest. Examples: Library_orgchart.xls or CEAP_grad_requirements.doc.
4) Paste Unformatted – When copying text from one source (Word, e-mail, or another webpage) to RedDot, use the Paste Unformatted icon (the second paste button with an A). It will take out any invisible formatting that may linger on the text.
5) Fonts/Subheaders – Do not use the font size dropdown box. It will cause you to have strangely formatted text. (We’d remove the option altogether, if we could, to avoid any problems!) Instead, leave the main text unformatted and use the subheaders (H1-H6) to create more dramatic text.
6) Seeing Your Pages – Click on the Homepage tab at the top of your screen. This gives you an overview of the pages you have saved as drafts, pages waiting for release, and both recently created and recently modified pages.
7) Preview – If you want to see how a page will look on the website, open the page for editing (you will see the list of red dots), right click, select Preview, then select Page Preview. This is how the page will look on the website in Internet Explorer. Firefox, Safari, and IE all display pages slightly differently. This is especially noticeable with spacing in tables.

As always, if you have questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to contact us at or by calling the Help Desk at x7487. This e-mail of RedDot reminders will be posted on our blog, with all the earlier emails at There are lots of helpful hints and reminders there for your use.