May 28, 2013

RESOLVED: Hi, all: We have had some recent issues with viewing banners and with switching columns and setting related links in the standard templates. Our OU consultants are working on these issues and we expect them to be resolved soon.

Also, we’ve fielded a few questions from some of you on the following topics, so here are reminders for all:

• Navigation: You can edit the navigation on your page (purple sidebar at left) via each folder/section’s nav.inc file. See page 41 of the OU manual for step-by-step instruction (PDF).
• Subdomains & web addresses: Subdomains provide a friendlier, more intuitive alternative to the wcu.edu/name.asp page address that is created through OU and they are a powerful addition to your promotional materials — http://admissions.wcu.edu, for example. If you’d like to have subdomains created for your key page/s, please put in a service request with the IT Help Desk.
o Numbered pages (http://www.wcu.edu/15.asp): At some point in time, these pages created during the RedDot era will be going away. In the meantime, each has been redirected to its named page version in OU.
o Named pages (http://www.wcu.edu/admissions/index.asp): Please note that if you reorganize your site or move your pages around in OU, it’s likely that the redirects that were set up for the numbered pages will break. Web Services can work with you on site reorganization or cleanup – please put in a service request with the IT Help Desk.

As always, if you need support as you continue your work in OU, please contact the IT Help Desk at 227-7487 or ithelp@wcu.edu.