Linking to Files, Uploading Files, Overwriting Files

August 1, 2013

We’ve had a number of questions lately about OU and files (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.).

Three key questions:
1) What type of file do I have?
2) Where is it currently located?
3) Where do I need it to be?

To help you, there are detailed directions with screenshots in the manual online at, pages 22-28 are all about linking to files.

• A file already on the server/website (Is the file already on the server? Page 23)
• A new file that you want to upload for the first time (Is the file NOT already on the server? Page 24)
• A file that is already on the server/website and you want to overwrite/replace (Do you want to REPLACE/OVERWRITE the file on the server? Page 26)

Each is slightly different – overwriting being the most different from the other two.