OU Campus Follow-Up

October 8, 2013

Thank you for completing our OU Campus follow-up survey. Lots of folks took the time to let us know how OU is working for them.

We thought it would be helpful to follow up on a few things mentioned in the comments.

• Linking to/uploading files does indeed take a long time. We have so many files in so many places, and we can’t set the system to automatically put you in the WebFiles folder, so we can’t currently rectify this. However, an update for OU is coming out early 2014 and we’ve been told that we will be able to fix both. We’ll be able to clean up the files AND get you to WebFiles faster. Good news for everyone!

• The new URLs, while less confusing than numbers, are long. If you need to have a shorter address for marketing purposes, we do offer subdomains. An example is http://english.wcu.edu which substitutes for http://www.wcu.edu/academics/departments-schools-colleges/cas/casdepts/english/index.asp. Contact us through the Help Desk and we can create these for you.

• Contact us boxes have to be edited by Web Services folks, this is why there is no Green Edit Option. If you need an edit in a Contact Us box, let us know.

• Size of text can be changed by the Format dropdown in the editor.

• After you submit a page for approval, it will be published within the business day. You can see what status a page has by looking at your workflow/outbox. It will be marked approved or declined. If a page is declined, we will email you with the reason why.