OU Image Editor in Safari 6.1 on Mac 7.0

November 7, 2013

OU has notified us of an issue with a recent Java Update within Safari 6.1 for Mac (7.0).  If you are running this version, you may experience issues with the Image Editor on your MAC. 

There are two work-arounds:

1. If you do experience these issues, we recommend using an alternate browser such as FireFox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

2. Follow the instructions below to restore the access that you had before: 

  • Under Preferences -> Security, click “Manage Website Settings…”
  • At the next screen select Java, it will show you the currently opened site – it will show as www.omniupdate.com – select the drop down and select “Run in Unsafe Mode”

  • You will have to trust this through a confirmation box that will pop up after select “Run in Unsafe Mode”4.
  • Click “Done” and you’re good to go at this point.