broken links report

May 12, 2014

Hi all – I’m sending out broken links reports today in a different format than you’re used to. This report shows links that go to the old URLs, the #.asp URLs that retired April 1.

Here’s an example of what you may receive (if you have broken links on your pages):

/admissions/transfer-admission/ … cca-graafsma.pcf 1 …atmosphere. With a major in physical education, she intends to …

The first part is the page that has the broken link. It’s abbreviated, so you’ll have to go to the folder (in this case, transfer-admission) and look for the page that ends with the file shown (in this case, cca-graafsma.pcf).

The next part is a number – that’s how many broken links are on that page.

The last part is the link that is broken, shown in context. In this case, the link words are “major in physical education” and the old page is 9110.asp.

You will need to determine what the link should be, based on the words that are linked. There is no translation from 9110.asp to a new page. I would think that those words should link to the programs in Health and Physical Education page –