Collecting Data via Forms on WCU Websites

July 23, 2014

We often get questions about creating forms on the WCU website.

• Can I use Google Docs? Can you create a form for me?
• Do I need to use Qualtrics?
• What information can I request in a form?
• What data is FERPA protected?

The Data Security and Stewardship Committee (DSSC) has approved an FAQ about what data can be collected and how. We’re happy to share this with you!

This is on our Faculty/Staff IT Intranet. You will need to log in via VPN from off campus or can access it directly on campus using IE. Firefox will ask you to login.

FAQ – Collecting Data via Forms on WCU Websites:

Another document that discusses records in more detail is also available:

Storing PII and FERPA Education Records – A Practical Guide for Instructors:

Both documents are part of the WCU IT Security Manual: