OU Reminders

August 25, 2014

A few schedule reminders…

Tomorrow is our last demo session for our Wednesday, September 3rd system upgrade. You can review the slides of the presentation online at http://cms.wcu.edu/?p=498

Training schedule is online at http://cms.wcu.edu/?p=511

And some OU Campus how-to reminders. All of these details are available in our training manual at http://cms.wcu.edu:

• Be sure to rename your new page from the default “untitled.pcf” to something appropriate.
• When linking to pages within OU, have them open in the same window. When linking to pages outside of OU, have them open in a new window.
• Do not pick colors from the palette. Specifically use #592c88 for purple, #c1a875 for gold, and #ff0000 for red (sparingly).
• When you make a new page or section – use “inherit” to give editing access to the pages.
• Edit pictures outside of OU and then import them. Don’t leave them at their original size and shrink them or you’ll have huge pictures that don’t load properly.