R25 – Changing the Event Type on a Confirmed Event

November 13, 2014

Unfortunately R25 will not allow you to change the event type on a confirmed event. As many of the new public calenders are built to filter events based on type, it is sometimes necessary to change an event type after it’s been approved. To accomplish the task, you will need to do the following:

First, you will find the reference number and use it to locate the event in a search.

In this case, here is our event:


The first step is to highlight and copy (ctrl+C) the reference number.

Next, you will search for the event from the Event Directory. From you’re my R25 (homepage) screen, click on the word Events to open the Events Directory.

In the Events Directory, make sure you are on the Search tab.



Click the Add button, and choose General.



Enter the reference number and click OK.


Now click Search, and you should see your event appear on the bottom section of the screen.



Now highlight the event by clicking it once, and right click, and choose Copy.



Now you have two events – the old one that needs to be canceled, and the new one that needs to be changed. You will want to start with the old event.

Open the old event to get started. First you will make a note about why you are canceling. To make a note, click the top icon that looks like a post-it-note. Then make a short note describing the situation.


Next, open the Event Properties by clicking on the icon that looks like a hand holding a piece of paper




From here you want to go to the Event Categories which is located on the second tab, and click the select button

Click the box next to “Don’t publish to the web”, and click OK.


Once this is done, close the Properties box. Now you are ready to cancel the event. Drop the Event State box down, and choose Canceled.



You will receive a warning message, and you can click Continue. Then simply close that event.

Now you will want to open the new event that you created. If you are having trouble finding it because it disappeared under other windows, you can click on the Windows List (which looks like windows stacked on top of each other.) Here is a picture:


Open the new event. First, change the name so that it doesn’t say “Copy of…”. Drop the Event State box, and change to Draft.



You will get a warning message; just click continue. Once you change the event to a draft, you will be able to change the event type.

Once you reach this point, you will still need to go through the standard process of assigning the room, and marking the event as confirmed.