Fall 2016 OmniUpdate Webpage Editing Training Dates

September 14, 2016

These training sessions are specifically for departmental webpage editors whose pages have been switched over to the new, 2015 templates.
We’ll cover all the basics for new users as well as some of the features available in the new templates.

If you’re interested in coming, please email me and I’ll send you a meeting invitation. hinkle@wcu.edu

Wednesday     September 28th                 10am-noon         Belk 406

Tuesday           October 25th                       10am-noon         Belk 406

Wednesday     November 30th                  2pm-4pm            Belk 406

Thursday         December 15th                  2pm-4pm            Belk 406

We realize not everyone has been switched to the new template.   If your pages are still in the older templates and you or someone in your department would like training, please email me at hinkle@wcu.edu  and we’ll work with you to schedule additional training on the old templates.