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Redirected URLs phasing out

We launched OU Campus as our content management system, used to edit WCU webpages, April 1, 2013. This replaced RedDot, our content management system of several years. Implementing OU Campus allowed us to switch from a number-based page naming system, #.asp (example http://www.wcu.edu/15.asp), to a word/folder naming system (example http://www.wcu.edu/admissions/index.asp). All of the number-based pages […]

Top 25 Pages for 2013

Thought you might be interested to see the most visited pages on WCU.edu for 2013. 1. Homepage 7,873,177 2. Search Box 1,221,375 3. Library 505,856 4. Admissions 389,059 5. Academics 366,814 6. Majors and Minors 227,479 7. About WCU 191,486 8. A to Z Index (up from 15 in 2012) 169,945 9. Webcam 151,790 10. […]

Webpage publishing and the holiday break

A reminder about the upcoming break and how it will affect website updates … OU Campus webpage edits will not be approved and published from Friday, December 20 at 4pm until Thursday, January 2nd at 8am. You can log in to the system and make edits, but they will not appear on the WCU website […]

New Scholarships Page

The Scholarships office has a new online tool to manage the listing of all WCU scholarships. Please update your links from http://www.wcu.edu/current-students/scholarships/wcu-scholarships/complete-listing-of-wcu-scholarships.asp to https://scholarcat.wcu.edu/scholarships.asp. The old page is being deleted and your links to it will be broken.


Reminder – Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are NOT supported for use in OmniUpdate. You may see blank screens or other issues. We suggest using Firefox or Chrome, if you’re having IE issues. For more info on OU Browsers: http://support.omniupdate.com/oucampus9/support/troubleshooting/supported-browsers.html Currently the following browsers are supported: Browser Versions Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 Mozilla […]

Training Date – Rescheduled

Monday, December 16, 1-4pm, Belk 406 Will now instead be on Wednesday, December 11, 1-4pm, Belk 406

OU Image Editor in Safari 6.1 on Mac 7.0

OU has notified us of an issue with a recent Java Update within Safari 6.1 for Mac (7.0).  If you are running this version, you may experience issues with the Image Editor on your MAC.  There are two work-arounds: 1. If you do experience these issues, we recommend using an alternate browser such as FireFox, […]

OU Campus Training Fall and Spring

Hi all – We continue to evaluate and revise our training offerings to best meet your needs for learning and using OU Campus. Starting with the November 20th training, we’re breaking the class time into two parts. OU Campus Training Outline2. Part one – 90 minutes Part two – 60 minutes For those just getting […]

OU Campus Follow-Up

Thank you for completing our OU Campus follow-up survey. Lots of folks took the time to let us know how OU is working for them. We thought it would be helpful to follow up on a few things mentioned in the comments. • Linking to/uploading files does indeed take a long time. We have so […]

OU Campus Follow Up Survey

When we went through the process to select OU Campus as our content management system, we asked you to complete a survey about your experience with RedDot, with editing websites at WCU, and with what you valued in a content management system. Now that we’ve been working with OU for just about six months, we […]

Training and Drop Ins

We want to provide the best experience possible with editing your website in OU Campus. In addition to our training sessions, we’re going to try having drop in sessions. An hour where we’ll be in the Belk 406 classroom and you’re welcome to come work with us on something specific. We can work one-on-one and/or […]

Training Schedule for Fall 2013

Our website http://cms.wcu.edu is always available, as is the training manual, linked on that site. We’re available as well – simply contact the Help Desk at x7487 or ithelp@wcu.edu. Tuesday, September 17, 9am-noon Tuesday, October 15, 1-4pm Wednesday, November 20, 9am-noon Monday, December 16, 1-4pm If you are interested, please email me and I’ll send […]

Linking to Files, Uploading Files, Overwriting Files

We’ve had a number of questions lately about OU and files (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.). Three key questions: 1) What type of file do I have? 2) Where is it currently located? 3) Where do I need it to be? To help you, there are detailed directions with screenshots in the manual online at http://cms.wcu.edu, […]

Updated Manual

Hi all – we’ve just edited the OU Campus Manual. Very small edits, but important details! The new manual has been uploaded to the http://cms.wcu.edu site. Here’s what we added: Is the file NOT already on the server already? NOTE: Zip files cannot be uploaded in this fashion.  Follow the directions for “Do you want […]

Summer Training Session

UPDATE – the 10th, not the 19th. Anyone who hasn’t been trained in OU Campus, or who wants a refresher, we have one class coming up July 19, from 9-noon. If you’d like to attend, email me directly and I’ll send you an appointment in Outlook.

Overwriting files

If you upload and overwrite an existing file (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.), you need to send in the page it’s linked on. If you don’t send that page for approval, the updated file will not show up on your website. We will be updating the training manual this week with this information.

Change to Slideshow Setup

UPDATE: Hi All – the slideshow server has been adjusted again. Here are new screenshots for you to follow to reconfigure your Filezilla. Please disregard the previous directions. FIrst – Login to the VPN. (http://vpn.wcu.edu – click network connect) Open Filezilla and go to File > Site Manager. Then, follow the three steps below (screenshots […]

Switching Page Column Layouts in OU

• For pages that were one column in RedDot, to switch it to a two- or three-column page in OU, you will need to place a service request with the Web Team, by contacting the Help Desk. • For pages that were two or three columns in RedDot, you can switch their column layout in […]


RESOLVED: Hi, all: We have had some recent issues with viewing banners and with switching columns and setting related links in the standard templates. Our OU consultants are working on these issues and we expect them to be resolved soon. Also, we’ve fielded a few questions from some of you on the following topics, so […]

Training Schedule for OU Campus

Hi all – we’ve set a training schedule for the next few months. This will be a class for beginners but anyone wanting a refresher is certainly welcome too! All classes are in Belk 406. Thursday, June 6, 1-4pm No classes scheduled for Summer. Our website http://cms.wcu.edu is always available, as is the training manual, […]

Training for NEW users

I have scheduled a training for NEW OU Campus users….folks that didn’t use RedDot in the past. If you have a new person in your area that needs to be a web editor, please have them contact me. The class is Thursday, May 16, from 1-3pm. I have already invited folks that have enquired over […]

UPDATE – IE Issue with OU

UPDATE JUNE 11th: Recently, we’ve seen instances of Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and 10 users receiving this message when logging into their pages in OU: “The site name was not provided. Please try again or contact technical support. S27” Here is the solution: On Internet Explorer’s toolbar, go to Tools > Compatibility View settings, Turn […]


RESOLVED: We are expecting a fix soon for the issue of reusing an existing image in a page. If you need to reuse an image, please ask us for help until this issue is resolved. We have fixed the ability to upload NEW images. Directions for both will be in the online manual in the […]

Rotating Banners

We are restoring the rotating banner functionality over the next few days. If your page previously had a set of banners that changed when the page refreshed, those will be back in place. To add or change banners on your site, please continue to contact us via the Help Desk. This is not a self-service […]

Unplanned Maintenance for OU

RESOLVED: In order to fix the known issue with uploading/browsing images and files, OU will need to run a software update this weekend. Please log out of OU by 6 p.m. today and stay logged out this weekend so that the update can take place; the issue is expected to be resolved by Monday. We […]

HTML Access

Do you need HTML access to edit your pages? Just contact the IT Help Desk and request it. ithelp@wcu.edu or x7487 or http://help.wcu.edu.

Update on OU Campus

RESOLVED: It’s been a great first week with OU Campus! We hope you’re enjoying successful web editing. We’re continuing to iron out some details and want to keep you up to date on a few issues we’re aware of: • Anchor/jump links • Uploading files (pdfs, word docs, etc) • Additional analytics codes We’ll keep […]

Links to Images and Files

UPDATED: Files must be uploaded to the WebFiles folder and images to the WebGraphicsNew folders, located in the “top” folder of the site. You have to navigate to those folders to add an image or pdf or word doc or other file.

OU and Internet Explorer 10

OU does not yet fully support Internet Explorer 10. Please use another browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari – or an older version of IE.

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