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Transition from RedDot to OU Campus is complete

The transition from the RedDot content management system to OU Campus is complete. OU Campus is now WCU’s official content management system; RedDot account access is no longer available. OU account access has been set up for everyone on this OU Campus mailing list, although some of you have not yet been trained. To log […]

OU Campus FYI

We’re excited about OU Campus coming to WCU! While we are between RedDot and OU Campus, here are a few things to get excited about … 1) You can practice in OU Campus while we are working to get the live site up and running. Go to http://www-test.wcu.edu/_training, click the “Office of Web Services” link […]

Campus OU Training Sessions

Hi all – we have our dates and times for Campus OU training. We hope each of you can make one of these sessions. They will be hands-on at the computer. You will receive a manual electronically, via email. Each session can accommodate 24 people and we’re going with first come, first served. If 24 […]

Follow Up to Training “Save the Date”

For those who cannot make the March 19-21 OU training dates, training will be offered in April and beyond. While the March dates are not the only opportunities for training, it is important that you attend these early sessions if possible so that you’ll be able to continue to edit your pages without any delay.

CMS Update, Training “Save The Date”

Dear RedDotters: The WCU content management system (CMS) replacement project is in the implementation phase and dates have been set for the transition from RedDot to OU Campus during Spring Break 2013. We are also working with OU to set up training for you, WCU’s campus web editors, on or around March 19/20/21, before the […]

RedDot Training Update

Dear RedDotters: RedDot training is no longer being offered at WCU since transition to OmniUpdate/OU Campus, the university’s new content management system, is scheduled to take place within the next six (6) weeks. If there is no one in your area who is trained in RedDot and ready to edit your pages, the Web Services […]

CMS/RedDot Replacement Update

The CMS replacement project continues on schedule. Along with our Task Force and the blessing of our Executive Steering Committee, we have selected OU Campus, by OmniUpdate http://omniupdate.com/products/oucampus/. As the new year starts, we’ll begin our implementation, aiming to be in the new system late in the Spring semester. We’ll keep you updated via e-mail […]

RedDot and the Holiday Break

A reminder about the upcoming holiday and how it will affect website updates … RedDot edits will not be approved and published from Saturday, December 22nd through Wednesday, January 2nd. When we are back in the office on the 2nd, any edits will be approved, published overnight, and be live on Thursday, January 3rd. For […]

CMS/RedDot Replacement Update

Dear RedDotters: The CMS replacement project continues on schedule. Our Task Force has developed a set of requirements for the new software. Your survey results were helpful in determining WCU’s needs and wants for a CMS. Thank you. A request for proposals (RFP) opens today. We’ll be taking proposals from vendors through October 15th. We […]

Web Calendars

Web Services has recently taken on responsibility for the creation and placement of web calendar feeds in the body and related information/callout areas of WCU webpages. The feeds are for the purpose of promoting unit events and activities. They display event information already entered into Resource25 (R25), the system that enables management of class and […]

RedDot training to end in 2012

Dear RedDotters: The CMS replacement project is under way and on track. The Web Services team will be immersed in the implementation of the new CMS in the New Year and, as a result, RedDot training will come to an end this calendar year. We will let you know when training for the new CMS […]

CMS Survey and RedDot Reminders

Thank you for completing the recent pre-assessment survey for WCU’s new content management system (CMS). Your information will assist the Task Force in developing requirements for the new system. We appreciate your time and your input. Some survey comments prompted us to share a few tips and tricks with you. We know RedDot has its […]

2012-2013 Catalog Links

All links to the Catalog need to be updated on all WCU webpages. The 2012-2013 Catalog is now in effect. Homepage of the undergraduate catalog remains the same – http://catalog.wcu.edu Homepage of the graduate catalog is – http://catalog.wcu.edu/index.php?catoid=27 All programs and course description page addresses have CHANGED (and will change annually). You need to update […]

WCU.edu Images

As a campus web editor, you can add images to your webpages in RedDot for www.wcu.edu – banner images at the top of pages or images within the body copy or call out/related info boxes. These banners come from the folks in Creative Services, as do some of the specially designed images that are used […]

Name Change

For any of you who refer to Programs in Asheville in your webpages: Beginning fall semester 2012, Western Carolina University Programs in Asheville and the School of Nursing programs, currently at A-B Tech’s Enka campus, will have a new name and location. We will be Western Carolina University Programs at Biltmore Park, located at 28 […]

Video on WCU Websites

It has become increasingly easy from a technological viewpoint to create videos for sites such as YouTube and iTunes as well as for university websites. However, it’s important to comply with copyright and trademark law, university policies, and intellectual property and licensing considerations before creating and publishing your video. The offices of eMarketing and Public […]

Google Analytics and Automated Report Emails

Google Analytics changed its process for emailing automated reports and emailed users that thier reports would be deleted.  Not to worry!  We are aware and have been working to make sure your reports continue. Reminders/ Tips: • We can set up an account for you to track your homepage or modify the your current report if […]

RedDot Password Policy

RedDot Content Management System Password Policy Passwords are an important aspect of computer security. They are the front line of protection for user accounts. A poorly chosen password may result in the compromise of confidential information. As such, users of WCU’s RedDot Content Management System software are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as outlined […]

Deleting old files

We’re going to work on cleaning up the folders of files in RedDot – all those PDFs, Word docs, images, and the rest. Anything not currently in use will be deleted. This will take some time to work through as each file will have to be looked at individually. If you know if files or […]

New Teammate

We are happy to tell you we have a new teammate in Web Services – Paige Herman. You’ll meet her in trainings, in email and phone responses back to your Help Desk tickets, and working on projects. Welcome aboard Paige!

IE 9 and RedDot

IE 9, with compatibility mode turned on, will work with RedDot. FYI. Firefox and Safari will still not.

Spellcheck – FIXED

Thank you for your patience while we looked into our dear old spellcheck. Everything is now back to normal. Feel free to spellcheck your body copy and callout/related information boxes using the tool in RedDot.


Was alerted today that spellcheck is not working in RedDot. We have our consultant working on restoring this important service! Meanwhile, please feel free to copy and paste your text from RedDot into Word, spellcheck it there, and then copy and paste it back. Be sure to use paste unformatted when returning to RedDot. Sorry […]

RedDot Reminders

Hi all – wanted to pipe in with a few reminders about using RedDot. These are things that are easy to forget, but have lasting impact. 1) Spellcheck! You don’t want those typos out there in the Body Copy or Call Out. 2) ALT Tags All images must have alt text accompanying them. After the […]

Logging back in, after today’s upgrade

You are free to log back into RedDot! Thank you for your patience today. When you open the login screen for RedDot, we need you to do two things. These only need to be done the next time you login to RedDot, not every time. 1) Clear your Internet Explorer version 7 or 8 browser […]

RedDot Scheduled Outages

As you know, we’ve been having some trouble with RedDot and publishing pages recently. In an effort to improve this situation, we’ve scheduled outages to improve the software and the server environment in which it sits. • Thursday, January 19, 10am-2pm • Every Monday from 5-530pm, starting Monday, January 16 You will not be able […]

Broken Jump Links

We have discovered an issue in RedDot with existing jump links. Some are suddenly not functioning and need to be relinked. We are looking into the cause and the long-term solution. Meanwhile, we have a workaround that will repair the jump links. If you use jump links (links at the top of the page to […]

Catalog Links need an Update

All links to the Catalog need to be updated on all WCU webpages. The 2011-2012 Catalog is now in effect. Homepage of the undergraduate catalog remains the same – http://catalog.wcu.edu Homepage of the graduate catalog is – http://catalog.wcu.edu/index.php?catoid=26 Academic Calendar – http://www.wcu.edu/29283.asp Graduate Academic Calendar – http://www.wcu.edu/29443.asp All programs and course description page addresses have […]

Links in RedDot

Since our RedDot upgrade this spring, we’ve had some challenges making links in the body copy and callout. If you select text and click insert/edit link and nothing happens – try this… Click at the right end of the text you wish to select. Click the shift and home buttons on your keyboard. This will […]

File and Image Naming

Quick reminder on file and image naming. We’ve had a couple of instances lately where someone named an image the same name as an existing image. RedDot put the last uploaded image on the page, not the image that the person meant to have! Name your files using the following conventions and you should avoid […]

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