Deleting webpages and files

Deleting Files

OU Campus Follow-Up

Thank you for completing our OU Campus follow-up survey. Lots of folks took the time to let us know how OU is working for them. We thought it would be helpful to follow up on a few things mentioned in the comments. • Linking to/uploading files does indeed take a long time. We have so […]

Linking to Files, Uploading Files, Overwriting Files

We’ve had a number of questions lately about OU and files (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.). Three key questions: 1) What type of file do I have? 2) Where is it currently located? 3) Where do I need it to be? To help you, there are detailed directions with screenshots in the manual online at, […]

Links to Images and Files

UPDATED: Files must be uploaded to the WebFiles folder and images to the WebGraphicsNew folders, located in the “top” folder of the site. You have to navigate to those folders to add an image or pdf or word doc or other file.

CMS Survey and RedDot Reminders

Thank you for completing the recent pre-assessment survey for WCU’s new content management system (CMS). Your information will assist the Task Force in developing requirements for the new system. We appreciate your time and your input. Some survey comments prompted us to share a few tips and tricks with you. We know RedDot has its […]

Deleting old files

We’re going to work on cleaning up the folders of files in RedDot – all those PDFs, Word docs, images, and the rest. Anything not currently in use will be deleted. This will take some time to work through as each file will have to be looked at individually. If you know if files or […]