Reminder – Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are NOT supported for use in OmniUpdate. You may see blank screens or other issues. We suggest using Firefox or Chrome, if you’re having IE issues. For more info on OU Browsers: Currently the following browsers are supported: Browser Versions Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 Mozilla […]

UPDATE – IE Issue with OU

UPDATE JUNE 11th: Recently, we’ve seen instances of Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and 10 users receiving this message when logging into their pages in OU: “The site name was not provided. Please try again or contact technical support. S27” Here is the solution: On Internet Explorer’s toolbar, go to Tools > Compatibility View settings, Turn […]

OU and Internet Explorer 10

OU does not yet fully support Internet Explorer 10. Please use another browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari – or an older version of IE.