Java setting update for OU Campus

The image editor in OU Campus runs on Java.  The newest version of Java requires a setting change in order for the image editor to continue working normally. To edit images you will need to make this adjustment. Any of you with the new versions of slideshows that are rolling out today, NEED to do […]

File and Image Naming

Quick reminder on file and image naming. We’ve had a couple of instances lately where someone named an image the same name as an existing image. RedDot put the last uploaded image on the page, not the image that the person meant to have! Name your files using the following conventions and you should avoid […]

Fun with RedDot

Thought we’d share with you some examples of the interesting content that we’ve been helping folks get into their web pages. Text and links and pictures are always good, but sometimes you want to add something else. Photo slideshow – You have pictures from your event/class/program and you’d love to share them with the visitors […]

Banner Images

UPDATE FALL 2010: Writing to share with you a clarification on banner images on our webpages. Banner Images (top of page, between About WCU line and black line) Banners are optional. You can have a single banner or a group of banners that change each time the page is loaded. PHOTO BANNERS – Most banners […]


A RedDot reminder – if you want to add photos to your body copy or callout, please do!  They jazz up the pages, help people connect with you, and show all the great things going on at WCU. If you want to add photos to the top of your pages, talk to us – we’ll […]


I know we’re all crazed this time of year, with students coming to campus, the summer winding down, and hot weather making it all even harder. So I thought I’d throw a few RedDot reminders out there – things that are easy to forget in the haste of website edits. 1)       Spellcheck! You don’t want […]

Tips and Tricks

We’d like to share some reminders/tips/tricks with you. These are the little things that help make your RedDot pages successful. If any of these seem mysterious to you, please let us know. We’re happy to elaborate! LINKING When linking to another page within RedDot, please use the search function to create a link. Do not […]