Features and Documentation for Version 10

We had a successful first week with Version 10 of OU Campus. The folks that logged in had positive feedback and lots of pages were updated and published. Hurrah! We revised our training manual and uploaded a new version at There are a few new or improved features we want to draw your attention […]


RESOLVED: We are expecting a fix soon for the issue of reusing an existing image in a page. If you need to reuse an image, please ask us for help until this issue is resolved. We have fixed the ability to upload NEW images. Directions for both will be in the online manual in the […]

Links to Images and Files

UPDATED: Files must be uploaded to the WebFiles folder and images to the WebGraphicsNew folders, located in the “top” folder of the site. You have to navigate to those folders to add an image or pdf or word doc or other file. Images

As a campus web editor, you can add images to your webpages in RedDot for – banner images at the top of pages or images within the body copy or call out/related info boxes. These banners come from the folks in Creative Services, as do some of the specially designed images that are used […]

Banner Images

We have a new process for creating banner images for the top of webpages. We’ve begun working with WCU Creative Services on banners. Banners are comprised of an image plus brief text–no more collages of three (3) or four (4) images or single images without text. The process is easy: Complete the attached job request. […]