OU Reminders

A few schedule reminders… Tomorrow is our last demo session for our Wednesday, September 3rd system upgrade. You can review the slides of the presentation online at Training schedule is online at And some OU Campus how-to reminders. All of these details are available in our training manual at • Be sure […]

OU Campus Follow-Up

Thank you for completing our OU Campus follow-up survey. Lots of folks took the time to let us know how OU is working for them. We thought it would be helpful to follow up on a few things mentioned in the comments. • Linking to/uploading files does indeed take a long time. We have so […]

Linking to Files, Uploading Files, Overwriting Files

We’ve had a number of questions lately about OU and files (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.). Three key questions: 1) What type of file do I have? 2) Where is it currently located? 3) Where do I need it to be? To help you, there are detailed directions with screenshots in the manual online at, […]

Tips and Tricks

We’d like to share some reminders/tips/tricks with you. These are the little things that help make your RedDot pages successful. If any of these seem mysterious to you, please let us know. We’re happy to elaborate! LINKING When linking to another page within RedDot, please use the search function to create a link. Do not […]