photos Images

As a campus web editor, you can add images to your webpages in RedDot for – banner images at the top of pages or images within the body copy or call out/related info boxes. These banners come from the folks in Creative Services, as do some of the specially designed images that are used […]

Banner Images

We have a new process for creating banner images for the top of webpages. We’ve begun working with WCU Creative Services on banners. Banners are comprised of an image plus brief text–no more collages of three (3) or four (4) images or single images without text. The process is easy: Complete the attached job request. […]

Spring Cleaning

We hope you’re enjoying the lull between graduation and the start of summer. Now’s a great time to think about spring cleaning your website! Here are some aspects to consider: Content – Is the content on your pages up-to-date? Does it list current staff and faculty? Correct contact information? Current events and promotions? Broken links […]