R25 – Some general pointers for calendars

Cancelled Event – Event is cancelled, but it needs to stay on the calendar, so people know it’s cancelled. Leave the event as confirmed, but changed the title to POSTPONED – event name OR CANCELLED – event name. Events on the Main WCU Calendar – Choose category of Audience – General Public. This will get […]

R25 – Changing the Event Type on a Confirmed Event

Unfortunately R25 will not allow you to change the event type on a confirmed event. As many of the new public calenders are built to filter events based on type, it is sometimes necessary to change an event type after it’s been approved. To accomplish the task, you will need to do the following: First, […]

R25 – Copying Events

First, you will find the reference number and use it to locate the event. In this case, here is our event:   The first step is to highlight and copy (ctrl+C) the reference number. Next, you will search for the event from the Event Directory. From you’re my R25 (homepage) screen, click on the word […]

R25 – Event Types

Unless specifically stated, event types are appropriate for all audiences (students, faculty/staff, alumni, general public). Academic Calendar – Used only for dates on the academic schedule, such as first days of class, withdraw deadline, exams, etc. Student holidays should use this event type, but the name of the event should clearly state that it is […]

R25 – Cannot find a place to route this event

When you try to save an R25 event, you may receive the following error message: “Cannot find a place to route this event. Please check the event type, the dates, and the organization name.” R25 stores event data in a folder structure (called cabinets) that is based on the fiscal (or academic) year. Each cabinet […]

Web Calendars

Web Services has recently taken on responsibility for the creation and placement of web calendar feeds in the body and related information/callout areas of WCU webpages. The feeds are for the purpose of promoting unit events and activities. They display event information already entered into Resource25 (R25), the system that enables management of class and […]