CMS/RedDot Replacement Update

Dear RedDotters: The CMS replacement project continues on schedule. Our Task Force has developed a set of requirements for the new software. Your survey results were helpful in determining WCU’s needs and wants for a CMS. Thank you. A request for proposals (RFP) opens today. We’ll be taking proposals from vendors through October 15th. We […]

IE 8 and RedDot

Instructions for Switching Internet Explorer (IE) 8 to Compatibility (IE7) Mode when using WCU’s Content Management System (CMS) Users may experience difficulties while working in the CMS (RedDot) in IE8. The browser offers a compatibility view for IE7. Follow the instructions below to engage the compatibility view: * Install/open Internet Explorer 8 * Select “Tools” […]

Upcoming RedDot Upgrade

RedDot has an upgrade to the software and we’ll be installing that this summer. We anticipate the change in the next couple of weeks. What does this mean for you? It may mean a day without being able to edit. We’re not sure yet, but of course, will let you know in advance. It may […]