Find things on

Some departments have recently changed their names – which pages is the name on, so it can be updated? Other folks are wanting to find all the pages containing a faculty member’s name, after the person leaves WCU. What if a software you link to changes its link? We can help! We can run a […]

Features and Documentation for Version 10

We had a successful first week with Version 10 of OU Campus. The folks that logged in had positive feedback and lots of pages were updated and published. Hurrah! We revised our training manual and uploaded a new version at There are a few new or improved features we want to draw your attention […]

Spring Cleaning

We hope you’re enjoying the lull between graduation and the start of summer. Now’s a great time to think about spring cleaning your website! Here are some aspects to consider: Content – Is the content on your pages up-to-date? Does it list current staff and faculty? Correct contact information? Current events and promotions? Broken links […]

Making pages disappear

Today’s reminder is about making pages in RedDot disappear. There are three ways to go about it. 1)       Hiding a page – the page doesn’t show up in the children navigation – can be found in searches using the onsite search engine – can be found in searches using Google or other search engines 2)       […]

Finding your web pages

The second most used web page at WCU (after the homepage, of course) is the search results page. Since May 1, this page has been seen 492,979 times. That’s a lot of searching! Are people finding you with WCU’s own website search engine? Have you tried searching for your pages, using the WCU search box […]

Best Bets

As a person responsible for your area’s web presence, have you tried searching for your pages, using the WCU search box at the top of every page? For example, search for the word – catalog.  You’ll see that a “Best Bet” box comes up – highlighting the link to the WCU catalog. We have created […]