Find things on WCU.edu

Some departments have recently changed their names – which pages is the name on, so it can be updated? Other folks are wanting to find all the pages containing a faculty member’s name, after the person leaves WCU. What if a software you link to changes its link? We can help! We can run a […]

broken links report

Hi all – I’m sending out broken links reports today in a different format than you’re used to. This report shows links that go to the old URLs, the #.asp URLs that retired April 1. Here’s an example of what you may receive (if you have broken links on your pages): /admissions/transfer-admission/ … cca-graafsma.pcf 1 […]

Redirected URLs phasing out

We launched OU Campus as our content management system, used to edit WCU webpages, April 1, 2013. This replaced RedDot, our content management system of several years. Implementing OU Campus allowed us to switch from a number-based page naming system, #.asp (example http://www.wcu.edu/15.asp), to a word/folder naming system (example http://www.wcu.edu/admissions/index.asp). All of the number-based pages […]


RESOLVED: Hi, all: We have had some recent issues with viewing banners and with switching columns and setting related links in the standard templates. Our OU consultants are working on these issues and we expect them to be resolved soon. Also, we’ve fielded a few questions from some of you on the following topics, so […]