Google Analytics and Automated Report Emails

May 17, 2012

Google Analytics changed its process for emailing automated reports and emailed users that thier reports would be deleted.  Not to worry!  We are aware and have been working to make sure your reports continue.

Reminders/ Tips:

• We can set up an account for you to track your homepage or modify the your current report if you already have an account to take advantage of some of Google’s new features.
• For any account, we can have Analytics automatically email a report – to one email address or multiple emails.
Read the guide that explains the reports.  It explains things like pageviews vs. visits, top pages and what they mean.
• If you want to track more than your homepage, you can add the code to more pages or all of your site. Here are the instructions.

We will be emailing current users that receive reports asking them to review the email addresses for the following:

1. Do you still want to receive the report?
2. Are the emails listed still accurate?

If you would like to discuss any changes to the reports, please contact the Help Desk and submit a ticket for “Google Analytics Report Review.”

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or give us your feedback as you learn more about the traffic coming to your homepage.