April 17, 2009

The topic of URLs came up after the message I sent yesterday. What are all of our options at WCU for URLs?

RedDot assigns a URL based on page ID number. Example – News & Events page is http://www.wcu.edu/401.asp

This is standard.

We have two additional service offerings:

Subdomain – These are a great alternative to the RedDot URL for promotional purposes. Example – News & Events page is also http://news.wcu.edu/

Old Style – Some of you used to have a third URL that you may have used. It was based on the old folder system and looked like this: http://www.wcu.edu/yournamehere. If you have promotional materials that advertise this address, you would want to maintain it until you switch to either a RedDot or Subdomain URL.

We have set up subdomains, upon request, throughout the past couple of years. If you have a need for one, please email me (myoung@email.wcu.edu).

If you are interested in the third option – the wcu.edu/yournamehere option, we need to know what name you are wanting and what page you want that to go to. These will have to be created by hand over the next few weeks on the new server that we’re developing.

Repeat – if you want a wcu.edu/yournamehere address – you must email me (myoung@email.wcu.edu) the address you want and the page to which it should forward. It must match the subdomain you already have in place.