Web Calendars

September 27, 2012

Web Services has recently taken on responsibility for the creation and placement of web calendar feeds in the body and related information/callout areas of WCU webpages. The feeds are for the purpose of promoting unit events and activities. They display event information already entered into Resource25 (R25), the system that enables management of class and event scheduling campus-wide. Examples include the following:

• College of Business: http://www.wcu.edu/2517.asp (Upcoming Events area at right)
• Student Life (What’s Going On): http://www.wcu.edu/28422.asp
• Registrar’s Office: http://www.wcu.edu/24088.asp

To request a calendar feed, please contact the IT Help Desk 227-7487 or ithelp@wcu.edu.

Support Contacts

Need help with an existing event or calendar? Contact Laura Huff at huff@wcu.edu or 227-3553

Need information on how to access R25 and enter events? Contact the Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (OIPE) at 227-7239