OU Campus Training Fall and Spring

November 6, 2013

Hi all –

We continue to evaluate and revise our training offerings to best meet your needs for learning and using OU Campus.

Starting with the November 20th training, we’re breaking the class time into two parts. OU Campus Training Outline2.
Part one – 90 minutes
Part two – 60 minutes

For those just getting started, we recommend Part one. Part one will show you how to edit existing pages.

Part two will show you how to create new pages and use more of features within OU. We suggest that you attend Part one, return to your office and make some edits, get a feel for editing, then come to Part two at another session. However, if you wish to stay for Part two on the same day, you’re welcome to.

To attend Part one, please come at the start of the training time. To attend Part two, please come 90 minutes into the training time. We’ll take a short break between the two, to make the transition.

Additionally, we’ve got training scheduled for Spring 2014. Here are our dates and times:
Thursday, January 23, 9-noon, Belk 406
Wednesday, February 26, 1-4, Belk 406
Wednesday, March 19, 9-noon, Belk 406
Tuesday, April 22, 1-4, Belk 406

Fall Training sessions are available too:
Wednesday, November 20, 9am-noon, Belk 406
Monday, December 16, 1-4pm, Belk 406

To sign up for either portion of a training, please email me with the class date you with to attend. I’ll send you a single invitation.