More information about Redirected URLs phasing out

January 13, 2014

We cannot give you any report of what links you need to change. You need to check each page.

After the redirected #.asp URLs are removed in April, we can give you a broken links report.

DIRECTIONS: How to update a link from #.asp to words.asp BEFORE April 1st

1) Hover over the links on your pages. Links in the body copy/main section and links in the navigation/children navigation and the related information/related links sections.
2) When you hover, the URL shows up in the bottom left of your browser.

3) If the URL shows up as a #.asp type (as seen above with, that needs to be relinked. If it shows up as a word.asp type (such as, that does NOT need to be relinked.
4) To relink a page, follow these directions, directly from our manual at

1. To edit a link that has been inserted on a page, simply click on the link, and then click on the Insert/Edit Link icon.
2. Click on the Browse button. This opens the File Browser.

3. Find the file to which the link should be created.
4. If the desired page is not in the selected directory, use the breadcrumb at the top of the page and the folders within the window to navigate to the desired page.

5. Click Select File.
6. A OU Campus tag is shown instead of the URL.

7. Select the Target.
As a general rule of thumb, when inserting a link to another page on WCU’s website, the link should open in the same window. When inserting a link to a page outside WCU’s website, or to a PDF, DOC, or other similar file, the page should open in a new window. This selection is made in the field labeled Target:
• Linking to pages on WCU’s website: Open in This Window/Frame
• Linking to pages on another site or binary files: Open in New Window (_blank)

8. Enter the Title. It is both valuable and important to populate the Title field as this is used by screen readers and helps keep the site in compliance with accessibility compliance standards.

9. Class: Can be ignored at this time.
10. Click Insert.

Melissa Highter Young
Web Developer
Web Services, Information Technology